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Our questions for the IT-security in your company
On this page we gathered for you some questions referring to the IT-security. If you answer more than 3 questions with "I donīt know" or with "No", your company should think about its IT-security strategies...
Strategic questions
  • Does exist an IT-security strategy in your company, which is also supported by the management?
  • Is there somebody who is responsible for the IT-security in your company?
  • Do you know a list of different IT-uses in your company?
  • Do you know a list of possible dangers and threats of your IT-uses in your company?
  • Does exist a risk analysis for the endangered IT-uses in your company?
  • Do you know who is responsible for damages, e.g. loss or unauthorized copy of data caused by attacks from in- or outside?
  • Do you know what kind of damages could arise in your company?
  • Do you know if there were taken any kind of measures against such threats?
  • Does exist a regular controlling in the area IT-security?
  • Technical questions
  • Do you use beside a firewall other further security measures (e.g. systems recognizing an attack, virus scanner for firewalls, content filter etc.)? 
  • Do you have a concept in case of need or a disaster recovery team? Are there rules for using the internet and the e-mail transfer in your company?
  • Do exist in your company permanent active virus scanners that are actualised regularly?
  • Do exist in your company any kind of measures for the protection of data stored in (client-) workstations against threats of intimacy, availability and integrity?
  • Are taught employees in your company regularly on questions of IT-security?
  • I hope for your company that you can (almost) answer all questions with „Yes“ and congratulate you on this result.