Logo of Hörde ComputerSystemService
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Hörde ComputerSystemService
established 1988
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Our services
  • Delivery, configuration and test of disks for the special hardware of our customers =>We guarantee the function with VMS-systems (VAX-II,VAX3200,VAX3100,VAX4000)
  • Advice in:
    • Procuring of hardware
    • Procuring of software
    • IT-complete-systems
    • Changing the structure of the IT-area
    • Changing of the system
  • Security analysis and –advice:
    • Under IT-basic protection manual of BSI
    • Under IT-security manual of BSI
    • According to your own conception
  • System analysis and advice:
    • WINDOWS NT/2000
    • VAX/VMS
  • Cheap repairs:
    • of DEC-products, specifically Q-BUS-systems
    • of IBM-compatible computers
  • Installation of hard- and software:
    • DOS/WINDOWS 3.x
    • WINDOWS NT/2000
    • VAX/VMS
  • Advice, procuring and installation of controlling modules referring to the installed hardware, specifically of
    • DEC-products, specifically Q-BUS-systems
    • IBM-compatible computers
  • Conversions of VMS-ribbons, PDP11 ribbons on request
  • Software development and –advice
We assure our customers, that we take the data protection very seriously and that we do not store and use any kind of data unauthorized.