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Our contractual terms for used hardware and attachment

Our offers for hardware refer to used equipment and attachment, unless there are given other information.

Our offered used equipment partly exceeded considerably the durability guaranteed by the manufacturer (mtbf). Therefore guaranties would increase the price of our used equipment so extremely, so that it would be uneconomical purchasing it. But this does not help neither us nor our clients who still need replacement parts for their computers.

In this sense we will continue offering our used equipment to acceptable prices referring to our conditions standing below. If our clients however should be interested in getting a more extensive protection, they are free to make a guaranty-maintenance contract. This offers a guaranty during its term corresponding with a guaranty of new equipment.

1. Validity of the General business terms

If there are not made any contradictory statements, our General business terms are part of our contractual terms.

2. Range of delivery

The delivery includes only our described hardware without any other attachment, software and licences.

3. + 4. Guaranty

We check our articles making basic tests in order to find out if they have defects (function guaranty). Any further demands of our customers referring to the function quality are excluded.

There is no guaranty for our used equipment.

5. Transport

Our offers are valid from our warehouse in Hannover. If not agreed differently, our articles are fetched from our customers in Hannover. Transport costs, packing material and transport risk are charged to the account of the buyer.

6. Terms of payment

If not agreed differently, the payment is due immediately after arrival.

Legal venue is Hannover.