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Conditions for the procurement of used articles
1. General
Only the company that offers its services on our pages, has a contract with us. The offerer is allowed to publish offers and requests on our pages.

Everybody who reads our pages is allowed to reply to the offered articles or requests, however on condition that he is able to make unlimitedly contracts (minimum age: 16 years). We forward all incoming answers to the offerer.

We reserve the right to change these using conditions at any time and without giving any reasons. We will send the changed conditions to all our offerers by e-mail two weeks before coming into force.

2. Offers and requests
It takes usually 3 days to insert manually the offers / requests into our internet pages. During vacation or on other grounds (e.g. health grounds) these 3 days may be exceeded considerably. In this case the offerer doesn´t have the right to claim any kind of damages.

We reserve the right to block or refuse publishing an offer for a while or permanently without giving any reasons. Also in this case the offerer doesn´t have the right to claim any kind of damages.

3. Commission
Offering and purchasing is free of charge. The offerer has to pay 5% commission for the sold article. He is obliged to report his sale without call and to pay the commission within 14 days.
Not reported sales or retain of the commission is considered as fraud and leads to prompt disqualification and is prosecuted if necessary.
4. Responsibilities
Hörde ComputerSystemService offers this service as additional service for his customers. It is our aim to bring together those people who offer articles with other people, who are interested in buying these articles and vice versa.
Our service includes only the possibility to place contacts via internet at everybody´s disposal. We are not internet auctioneers.
Hörde ComputerSystemService is neither responsible for the content and its truth nor for the correctness and completeness of the descriptions nor for the quality and functionality of the respective articles. Only the person who offers his article via our internet pages is responsible for all that. The same refers to handling, delivery and payment of the sold articles.
Business partners for transactions are only the respective offerer of the article and the purchaser.
5. Permissible and not permissible content of offering pages
Now the rules for the content of the pages being prepared by the offerer as follows:
  • The description of the article may not be longer than about half a page
  • The description of articles have to be in text data or in HTML-size
  • They may not include a picture in the background
  • Charts may be wide max. 480 pixel
  • The description of articles may include pictures
  • The pictures must be put away on the homepage of the offerer and are inserted via a reference
  • The pictures must be in GIF- or JPG-size and may have max. 20 kB
  • Links to other web sides and advertising banner or animated GIF´s may not be used
  • It is not allowed to insert any kind of programmings (Java, Javascript, Objectcode or similar) into descriptions of articles
  • The offerer is responsible for his pages, specially if these try to disturb, manipulate or block our pages
  • The offerer must be the owner of his offered articles
If people offend against these rules mentioned above, we reserve the right to refuse the acceptance or to delete the page from his system without warning.

Grave offences are prosecuted if necessary.
6. Withdrawal and cancellation
You can withdraw your registration at Hörde ComputerSystemService via e-mail within two weeks after conclusion of the contract. However, the offerer loses the right to withdraw – independent of the aforesaid period of 2 weeks – as soon as he offers an article for purchase and sale on our pages.
You can also cancel the contract about using our pages at every time by taking back your registration from Hörde ComputerSystemService: in order to cancel effectively it is sufficient to send an e-mail with your cancel declaration to Hörde ComputerSystemService.
7. Additional conditions
Hörde ComputerSystemService reserves the right to expand, reduce, modify or cancel his services at any time. In this case it is not possible to claim any kind of damages, if it is allowed legally.
If single terms of public sale become ineffective, all further terms remain effective. If one or several terms mentioned above should be or become ineffective, another rule that is most similar economically will take its place (Salvatorian clause). Legal venue for both partners is Hannover. German right is applied.