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Hörde ComputerSystemService
established 1988
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about us
our intension


  • like to inform the owners of D|I|G|I|T|A|L - server and workstations,
  • are one of the last companies in germany, who sell moduls und equipment for D|I|G|I|T|A|L - computers for low prices,
  • like to live D|I|G|I|T|A|L - computers, as Alpha, VAX or PDP11, as long as possible,
  • offer informations for free, like the modullists,
  • hope, we give you interesting informations
  • want you to return informations if anything is wrong.

We are not

  • an internetcompany. We do not sell over e-Shop,
  • a big company with big buissiness,