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General business conditions

1. General terms / conclusion of an agreement
For all business connections of the company "ComputerSystemService" (seller) exist the following terms of sale, delivery and payment. The customer accepts these terms by placing an order. Other additional contract terms made by the customer have to be confirmed in writing by the seller for each single contract. They do not become automatically contents of the contract by delivery.

2. Prices and terms of payment
All our prices are net prices and come from our store in Hanover without transport insurance (plus cash on delivery C.O.D. or remittance fees). Furthermore sales tax will be added. Postage, transport, packing material etc. are listed separately as an own item and are invoiced extra.

3. Term of delivery and delay
The agreed term of delivery begins with the date of the confirmation of order. If there is a delay of delivery of more than 3 weeks without giving a plausible explanation for that, the customer may withdraw from the contract. However the customer will be allowed to demand a compensation if the seller acted intentionally or extremely carelessly. In this case the compensation will be max. the double of the amount of the placed order.

4. Delivery and transitional danger
Forwarding procedure, route and forwarding company are regulated by the seller, if the customer does not insist explicitly on his own conceptions. At the moment we deliver with "German postal service".
Danger is transmitted to the customer when the goods are presented to the forwarding agent or other transport agents. The customer has to report the forwarding agent not only obvious, but also possibly detected transport damages.

5. Exchange and taking back
Goods are exchanged or taken back if the wrong articles were delivered demonstrably. If the customer chose and ordered the wrong article, he will be allowed to exchange it, but he will have to pay the tooling costs of 10 % of the wrong article. However the seller has to confirm the exchange in writing before.

6. Reservation of proprietary rights
The goods remain property of the seller until they are completely paid by the customer. Mortgaging or protective conveyance are not allowed before.

7. Purchase
The customer is obligated to purchase the ordered goods. If he does not that, the seller can determine an extension of 14 days…

8. Guaranty
There are special contractual terms for second-hand articles and their used attachments. These terms are part of the general contract. We do not undertake liability for delivered used goods (see our terms above).
The seller guarantees that new articles are free of defects referring to the current technical standard. This guaranty lasts 6 months from our delivery date, that is laid down by law. Normal wear and tear of the delivered article is excluded.
We do not undertake liability for wrong, unsuitable and inappropriate use, non-observance of our application form and wrong or negligent handling.
The guaranty ends, if the customer tries to manipulate and / or repair the delivered article without having received the explicit written confirmation by the seller and if this manipulation causes directly or indirectly the defect of the article.

9. Delivery abroad
Deliveries abroad are paid exclusively in advance before leaving the seller. The customer has to pay completely the costs for the ordered articles including dispatch, bank charges, charges for foreign exchange etc.

10. Legal venue and applicable right
Legal venue is Hanover.
If single terms of the delivery contract or General business conditions become ineffective, all further terms remain effective. If one or several terms, mentioned above, should be or become ineffective, another rule that is most similar economically (Salvatorian clause) will take the place.

German law is applied.